corfu old town

Corfu Old Town

The cosmopolitan town of Corfu is the capital of the island, as well as of the whole periphery of the Ionian Islands. Significantly influenced by the Venetians who kept the island under their governance for a long period during the past centuries, Corfu met numerous civilizations over the years and is divided into the Old and the New town. While the New town of Corfu is structured in urban and modern way with large squares and shops, the Old Town, which is a Unesco world heritage site, constitutes one of the most picturesque and beautiful places in Greece.

The transpiring class of the past piles in this part of the town where hundreds of tourists stroll around the famous “kantounia” (narrow roads), and visit the historic monuments within stunning natural surroundings. The most important sightseeing’s inside the town are the enormous Spianada square, the largest square in the Balkans, the Liston with numerous cafes and restaurants under the architectural arcades and arches, the two Fortresses and the Museums of Byzantine and post-Byzantine history. There are many significant and unique places to visit around the town of Corfu such as the famous Pontikonissi and the Achilleion.



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Corfu old Town

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