Green Buses


Travel across Corfu island with safety, comfort and low cost!

The intercity buses of Corfu is the most popular way to get to know the island.
Green buses will take you safely and quickly to any part of Corfu.
The green buses connect Corfu town with every part of the island and also connect
Corfu Island with the biggest cities in Greece. Green buses are being chosen every day
from local and foreign travelers, for safe, secure, fast and easy journeys.

Click HERE to see the available routes and more informations about the Green Buses of Corfu

Are you coming to Elysian Corfu Studios by bus?

Here is the timeline for the Corfu - Roda route;

A3 routes

*** We are not responsible for any mistakes on the routes. Routes and timeline might change due to unnkown factors. Always check the routes on Green Buses Official Website. ***

Other Perks & Facilities

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horse riding

Horse Riding

Have fun and get to know unique, safe landscapes into the nature with skilled guides, for beginners and experienced horse riders.



Choose the massage technique that boosts your own body’s powers of self-healing, relief from stress and good health.

tennis lessons

Tennis Lessons

High quality tennis services for all tennis players and not only who are looking for a tennis experience in Corfu Island in Greece.

Perfect Location to Explore Corfu

Whether you want to enjoy some lazy stroll in the old part of Corfu town, relax on the beaches, explore the island enjoying the rich history and the natural beauty of the landscape; the island has all it needs to please every type of traveller.

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Corfu old Town

Experience the old Corfu town.



Explore the beautiful nature of Corfu.



Find your favourite beach.

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